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July 02, 2013



I'm in. And I'm looking forward to your workshop starting in August. Thanks for playing


Wow, this looks amazing. I will keep my fingers crossed for a place in the class


Oh, great product! I would love to get a chance to learn how to use it. Thanks for the chance to win.

Janet Ghio

Looks like a great technique. Thanks for the chance to win.

Julie G.

My mind is already whirring with the possibilities on how to use this product. Very cool! Thanks for the chance to win.

Shelly Schmidt

I love what you have done with your first project- the picture of the horse is beautiful against your fab background- but I LOVE the idea of adding your artwork to a tote- how cool is that!!!


Cracked open my first pack of TAP and love my initial attempts. Would love the opportunity to learn more about this wonderful product.

Sandra Strait

Wow! You really inspire me to try TAP!


I love the way you used TAP! This product looks amazing and I would love to take Lesley's class. Thanks for the chance to win! I'm so glad to have found your blog!

Jo Murray

I MUST learn more about TAP. ... one way or another. LOVE what you did with it.


The transfer is sooooo clear


So excited to find you again! You didn't even know you were lost! Years ago I saw you on a cable channel making a journal on a craft show. I am horrible with names but I did remember your first name and when I came across the link on Carol Dube's page I was estatic! Can't wait to stalk your site and see all the wonderful things you've been up too!


Dear Gina, you've got such a great blog - Thanks for the chance to win this workshop.


OMGosh, I absolutely love your Owls...... love!!!

Karen Little

I would love to get this class. Thanks!

Mary dean

I'd love to try the transfer paper. Thanks so much!


Please send more info re.wkshp and tap.

Denise Wynn

This Looks like a really exciting product that I would like to learn more about. I Artie have some great ideas brewing!!! Please send me more info on TAP & workshop!

Vicki Romaine

Using TAP to make a transfer sounds really easy and I am anxious to try. I love how you used it.


your website is inspiring....thanks for leading us forward!!


Your bag is beautiful!

Christine M

I'm not even sure exactly how this works, but count me in for finding out how!! Beautiful!

Ann Hudson

Wow! Love your work! So glad I accepted Lesley's invite for this blog tour - I'm discovering so many wonderful artists! I'm signing up for your newsletter and will be back for a class! Ann in NC


Love the tote bag! Your painting transferred flawlessly!


what a beautiful tote transfer! love it!

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