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January 24, 2013


Carmen Tangherlini

Thank you Gina, great information on watercolor brushes. Appreciate all your watercolor tips!

Judith Delgado

This is a GREAT video! Well, they all are, but I love how complete and clear this one on brushes is. I need to find a new brush or two....


I wanted to order a Lizards Lick in summer but Cheap Joe's told me they are no longer available. Last night I saw they were on back order so I emailed them, here is their reply -
We still carry the brush, and we have hundreds on order waiting to be imported, but the US Department of Fish and Wildlife has banned the import of Kolinsky Sable brushes. All of the art materials manufacturers have been trying to get this lift banned. The ban could last for years or it could last another week - we just don't know how long our government will continue this.

I would love to know if anyone has stock in the USA - do you know?

gina armfield

Wow I had no idea! Cheap Joes are the only ones that produce a lizard lick to my knowledge. The brushes that are similar are often called needle point on reservoir liners. I know escoda has a line but it appears they are back ordered as well.

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