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November 24, 2012


Jo Z

Gina - Thanks for the Black Friday sale. I have been wanting to take your "NME Under the Influence" class and this would be the perfect opportunity. I have done the original NME and NME Part Deux. My problem is I don't know how to purchase just "NME Under the Influence" without bundling it together with the two other classes I have already taken. Can you point me to the right "Buy Now" button? Thanks. This would be great fun for the new year.

gina armfield

Yes, I have packaged it differently. But as you have already taken both classes you can paypal me direcly - orig. price 97.00 so 50% is 47.00 to ;)

Jo Z

Thanks Gina. I went to PayPal and cannot find a way to transfer you money without creating an account. I had one with them, but had a very bad experience and no longer keep a PayPal account. I saw on your email that you had a mailing address. Can I sent you a money order via mail? I would not expect access to the class until the money order clears on your end. Let me know if this is an option. Thanks.

gina armfield


I can send u a PayPal invoice if thats better and u can use a credit card. Just lmk. Otherwise its
Gina Armfield
28128 pch #265
Malibu ca 90265

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Jo Z

Thanks Gina. I posted the money order today. Be on the lookout for it.

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