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October 01, 2012


Robert Baxter

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures Gina - you've made my day!

Dion Dior

Gina...I LOVE IT! I think I must have one. xx


Bought one~LOVE it! Thank you Gina for the suggestion. Use it everyday!


that looks amazing! thanks for sharing!


OMG... must have one!!!

Mary S

Whoooa - that could be overwhelming, but looks like lots of fun. No more searching for the palette with just the right colour on it.

Brenda Johnson

Now that should be so cool to have I am just getting started in how to use water colors and that would be the perfect thing to use I don't have much room so that would be nice to have thanks Gina.
Brenda Johnson

Lura Brown

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the most awesome palette i have ever seen, sure would love to win one. what a great idea you came up with, all the colors right there at your fingertips. thanks for the chance to win one, i am crossing everything and saying a little prayer. i am just starting out and i have to say you sure do make it look easy to make such beautiful paintings, i know it isnt but gotta keep trying. wishing and hoping. i will have to put it on my "I REALLY WANT THIS LIST". would love to take a class with you sometime, your voice is so soothing and you are so relaxed, peaceful. big hugs, lura

[email protected]


Do the half pans move in the wells as you use them. Like the idea and ready to order one. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks .


This palette displays watercolors beautifully and appears to be at your brush tips quickly and efficiently. What a great masterpiece!



i am looking into buying this palette. can you tell me where you bought your half pans?
are all half pans the same shape and size? it wouldn't be much fun to order 85 and find out they don't fit in this palette.

thank you so much for sharing this palette with us!

gina armfield

Yes half pans are approx the same size. You can buy empty ones from danial smith or cheap joes. You can also buy filled half pans.

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thank you Gina, so kind of you to respond.


That looks awesome! Just got mine and I can't wait to fill it up with colourful goodness. Just a quick question, can you recommend a pen to label it with that is removable if I swap out paints later and need to relabel the palette? Thanks!!

Charlotte-Ann Schwark

Just watched one of your tutorials on Artists Network TV and fell in love with your palette! Can't wait to get one of my own!

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