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June 09, 2012


Judi D.

Making a lot of progress!


Yes. I understand! Smirk!


Years and years ago I was "into" needlepoint bigtime. Made pillows like you can't imagine. My beloved husband asked: "if I build you a shelf to display your pillows could they vanish from our bed? It's a chore to remove so many every night." LOL. Everyone I knew received eyeglass cases! I knew enough about myself to NOT attempt 12 matching seat covers for my dining room chairs! Boring. I stopped cold turkey. I would love to be enthused by YOUR enthusiasm and say I'll join you in this new artistic endeavor but I've O.D.ed on needlework.

gina armfield

Well, If you ever change your mind I am going to take a weekly class in Brentwood starting in July ;)


Gina Rossi Armfield
Art blog

Jennifer Joanou

You're welcome :)

gina liuzzi

I feel partly responsible. Enjoy the
needlepoint. All art converges in the most
wonderful ways.

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