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April 23, 2012



i have and love her first book! i didn't know about her second one, but now i have to order it! thanks for posting about it!

joanna taylor

i just ordered the 2 books and the rapidographs pen set you mentioned previously.

gina armfield

ummm, your welcome? ;)


Gina Rossi Armfield
Art blog

joanna taylor

just teasing you. i am a sucker for books and art supplies.
thank you!!!

Laura George

I have both books too and I LOVE Vivian! Her blog is amazing too and she's so good to her fans. I got a Christmas card from her with her art on it. She's the reason I wanted to do watercolor and now I'm going to with your upcoming workshop! Yay! :)


Thanks for the recommendation! I'm always looking for beautiful books - especially if they make me laugh. I live in a foreign country to have to order stuff and have it sent to family back in the States and then WAIT till I visit there to get them...but these will go on my list! I think I need to buy an e-reader.


OH, I forgot to say that I'm here via 21 Secrets which I've just enrolled in and excited that you're teaching a workshop!

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