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February 13, 2012


Michelle LaPoint Rydell

I love your classes Gina! I took the survey and would love to win another one!

Mary Dean

I took the survey, and have always enjoyed your classes! I'd love to win another. I love your work with books, bookbinding and altering.

Many Thanks,
Mary Dean


I took your class survey, Gina. It would be thrilling to win a fabulous Gina class!



I did the survey a few days ago, but forgot to tell it here.
Now I came back to look at the Ravens, wonderful! Wish I could draw like that.

greetings from Jolande


HI Gina,
I took your survey. Haven't been to your site for a little bit. I see you've made some changes. It looks great! More clean and easier to see what you are up to!

gina armfield

Thanks! That was my intent! let me know if you find anything confusing as feedback is always helpful!


Gina Rossi Armfield
Art blog

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