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October 15, 2011



Very very nice for a first time! Keep up the good work. Before we know it you'll be offering workshops on the beach in Malibu! XxOo

deb Hosaflook

Gina those are beautiful. I love how clean and simple they are. I too have always wanted to learn to do pottery to, but that is after I have mastered some other art skills first:) Just to let you know, I started my NME class last night and started placing my envelopes and tags in my journal. I am so excited about this project and can't wait to actually start doing some art in the journal.
Have a great day.

gina armfield


Thanks for the nice comments about the pottery - I really do love it. Glad you are enjoying NME - everyone really seems to love it! Check out the NME guest artists on my blog ;)


gina armfield

Art Blog

Artinfusio Weekend Art Workshops

Atelier Artistico ~ Online Art Workshops

deb Hosaflook

Oh my goodness Gina, thanks so much for those links to the guest artists. Their journals are AMAZING and so inspiring. Okay, no more time to chit,chat, I gotta get back to my journal and finish all the prep work so I will be all ready when January gets here. May just have to cheat and add some art into it a little early, hahahaha.

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