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September 28, 2011


Kim Wright


Judi D.

DARN, you are good!

Carmen Tangherlini

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell

gorgeous work Gina!


OMG! Beautiful wingspan! soulful eyes! just beautiful, Gina. You are incredibly talented!!!


Spectacular! Such emotion! I'm curious~what paper did you use? Fabriano, Arches?


Such a gift you have with animals

Donna Knadle

Absolutely beautiful Gina!

Albert Cash

The horse painting possesses a mysterious look to it, which can give any space or room a distinct atmosphere. The painting of that flying bird is impressive as well. The artist must have been filled with passion and inspiration to have made those. I’d love to have those displayed in my room! Any of those two would make a perfect accent for my peaceful haven.

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