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August 28, 2011



I have been reading your blog for a bit. I am all kinds of giggly pleased to find out we are the same age. (not to mention the fact that i am going through the same hormone crap...) I really thought you were somewhere in your early 3o's! Sometimes I think I'm really bonding with a blog and then find out that the ever clever artist is sooo young. Young is good and all...and 43 is just fine too, but for some reason I felt more of a connection when i read your age. Haa!! I love your art!!

gina armfield


Thanks for the comment - like minded souls are always welcome in these parts!

gina armfield
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Mary Beth Shaw

Ugh, I hear ya. I am 51 now, but went thru all this crazy early too.

mary w

I am also 43 and have been going through the menopause fiasco for the past 2 years...recently I have found relief from the hot flashes and night sweats and I feel almost human for the first time in quite awhile. I am taking one Vit E,3-4 Vit D3 and one maca Root capsule every day, I am not sure which one is doing what but the combo of the three is working.If I forget day I surely know it by the end of the day!

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