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January 17, 2011


Dede Warren

Thanks again for a fabulously creative Sunday! Everyone was so friendly; what a wonderful group to spend the day with. You're the best for hosting us, and kicking off the year in such a warm and relaxed way! Bravo to you!!


Oh it looks like a fabulous time was had by all! Congrats on a successful event! I do hope you and Ginny are having a grand time!

connie freedman

thank you again! it was a wonderful way to spend my sunday! I truly enjoyed your teaching and left with so many ideas and inspirations! met new friends and was so excited to see my old friends. great idea, I felt very privilegde to be among these ladies not to mention the great place in which we were!
thank you,


gina, thanks so much for hosting that wonderful gathering. you have inspired me to do no more excuses....but am having the most difficult time finding a journal, everyone is out, and everything else is spirial. but aside from that, wow i am so excited. carol would be so proud of you, i am sure she is with you in is about time l.a. has a place to go for creative learning. thanks again gina....

kelly snelling

i am still reveling in all the joy i stockpiled on sunday! thank you so much for putting on such a great adventure. i LOVED seeing you demo and really had the best time!

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