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January 07, 2011


Janey Jennings

Hi Gina, how generous of you to have this giveaway. I have been in such a slump since before Xmas. Would love to take this class to give me the incentive I need to get back on track. Love everything you do. I'm a lurking fan.

susan crane

I would LOVE to win this class because I love what you do and I am the QUEEN of excuses and because I want to feel lucky!!

Mary Dean

Hi Gina,

This class looks awesome. I'm the one who loved the Spiritual Diary you did last year in the ledger-style book. So, this looks like a wonderful opportunity to combine art journaling with getting on track to accomplish my goals this year. I have a goal to art journal daily, but I'm not sure how to make it happen...ah..without excuses! I think this class would help! Love your work. The class on the Sea was great inspiration. Blessings to you, and thanks for the chance to win a class! Best, Mary Dean


I look at this generous "giveaway" and tell myself I don't really need it. I can motivate myself. I probably won't really do the assignments. Then I kick myself in the behind and say: "admit it, girl! You DO need it! You ARE motivated. You are a FOLLOW-THROUGH person about assignments." So here is my "ticket" thrown into the hat for the draw...

Happy New Year Gina. See ya soon. Joyce


I usually have my sister as a creative push but we are seperated by miles and circumstances. I would love to be considered for your class. Lorrie


You are sooooo generous, Gina, to give classes away. You are a very unique individual. I would love to be considered for this class please. If there is one thing I use on a daily basis it is my planner....however...I always have bits of pieces of paper falling out of it, incoherent scribbles everywhere, and by the end of the first few weeks of using it I am actually more stressed out with it then when I first got it, when I got it in the first place to hopefully help me keep my day to day thoughts together and be organized somewhat. By the end of the year it is so disorganized from all my tidbits I keep and stuff I write down, it is actually hard to look back upon for stuff. I would like a planner to help me serve as kind of a visual diary of my year at the same time in the hopes it would serve as something to go back and look upon when I do scrapbook pages and need tidbits of info from a certain time period. I need to make this a year of change for a more organized and thoughtful planner. I am hoping this class would help me actually use my planner to the fullest so I get more out of it then I do now and be pretty at the same time. Thanks for giving us girls a chance to win a class Gina.


Hi Gina

I think I must have about a half dozen journal books around, each with a few pages of this or that. So I would love to find "what works for me" and be more consistant at this capturing ideas thing that some people call journaling. Justine

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