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December 02, 2010



Where is Paradise Cove?

gina armfield

Malibu, California

gina armfield
[email protected]

Shanta Devi

Hi Gina,

I'm so excited for the Journal Jam! I live about 15 mi. away, so this is a great location. :) I went to Journalfest for the first time this year, and fell in love with the idea of workshop-style/group journaling sessions, and have been searching for workshops and jams ever since. :) L.A. is a bit far for me, so this is just...a blessing, truly.

As a recent college grad, the pricing is something I can afford, and it's in Malibu -- what more could a girl ask for??? :D Thanks so much! Maybe I can ask for one of your featured 2011 workshops as an X-Mas present? ;)

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