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November 08, 2010


kathy stewart

How beautiful as are your new pictures. Do we need to do anything in particular to be in the running to win this?? Kathy

gina armfield

Your confirmation in the class is all you need! ;)

gina armfield


Beautiful journal and a fun idea!


Me! Me! Pick me! So sorry we did not connect this weekend. But the time was all about #1 Son. I know you can appreciate that! But I will be back and will plan more carefully. Judi and I did have much silliness at the flea market.

Jenna Rizzo

Gina, this looks great. I'm thinking about signing up for the class. I have so much on my art plate already but I love the idea of tress as the theme.


Ok yeh I'm in class!!! Just made it. yay

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