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September 13, 2010


Christine Kalina

oh, trees!

Mary Dean

I would love a class on Autumn, Halloween/Day of the Dead theme. It's my favorite time of year. A class on Goddesses/Feminine Divine would be fun. Also, I'd love to know more about the process for the "Lovingkindness" journal or How about Spiritual Journals? I like that one! :)

Ginny Ballou

Hi Gina, Oh, your call meant a lot - thanks yet again for being such a good friend. An on line journal on the =journey might be fun - the journey to where? to whom? to what??
Looking forward to A & S. Hope you can stay through Sat. We'll connect there.
Love you, Sweetie. xo Ginny


I love trees... or spiritual journey theme...either one would be great!


I think trees would be great.


Birds, birds, and more birds would be lovely! The autumn class sounds heavenly too! I started homeschooling about a month ago which has put me on a detour for personal adventures, and I need to make time SOON to take your ocean class, which I want to do so very badly too!

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