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August 25, 2010



Many, many reasons. Mostly because the sea has given me peace, courage, renewal, new perspective and joy over the years, and I would like to honor that by creating the Song journal. Also because I have always lived by the sea, because I have so many photos of the sea, because water is my most beloved sacred element, because right now finding the money for this class would be a little tricksy, and because I just saw your work in Creative Wildfire and was inspired ... and would like to learn more. I'll stop now :-D


Because the Lady in Grey Taffeta, as I named her when I was 7 years old, continues to beckon to me. Because now more than ever I feel drawn to her.... I am drawn to the peace I feel when I'm near her. I am in the midst of rediscovering myself after several major heartrending upheavals in my life. Part of that discovery has been to acknowledge what I want, what I need in life. And one of the things I need is to relish the beauty of the ocean and the peace I feel when I am near her. I don't know if you've ever read Shadow over Innsmouth by HP Lovecraft... Its a twisted little story, as most of his were, but what I appreciated in it wasn't the sense of horror but the desire to become one with the ocean. I recognized that desire in me...

Julie K in Taiwan

Hi! I'm new to your blog and I love the journal pages you've shared. I'm also new to art journaling and I've never taken an online course. I think your song of the sea idea sounds inspiring and full of great ideas.

Mary Dean

Hi Gina,

The class looks awesome! I've always felt a strong connection with the ocean. It's where I go for peace, healing and renewal. Taking your class would put in me touch with those feelings and give me a chance to learn new art journaling/mixed media techniques.

Additionally, I have been reading your blog and loving your journals. I would love the opportunity to take a class with you! Thanks!

Mary Dean


Well I live far from the sea but I love the colors and the different moods that I've seen when I've encountered the ocean in various parts of the world. I'd like to explore that further.

Love the sounds of several of the classes you've taught & hope to catch up with you someday.

Sam Johnson

I am lucky to live close to the ocean, and it never occurred to me to create a journal theme about the sea. Very inspiring! ~Sam

gina armfield

Michelle is the Winner! So send me an email to confirm!

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