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July 10, 2010


Daniela  Siegenthaler

hi! hi! i'm the one you met with said smooshy sweet pup :) thank you so very much for your order, and for giving us such a lovely and generous tout here. it is wonderfully appreciated! xo


Appreciated your reminder about Rubbersoul. Ordered stencils yesterday! Have you read enough of "...lemoncake" to give us a mini review? xoxo

gina armfield

Gladly - hope it helps! It is so sad to see all the independent stores in art/books/fabric around here vanish. I always look forward to my Artfest trips (I again will be teaching there next year and Journalfest this Oct.) when I can stop at all the lovely shops on Bainbridge.

gina armfield

gina armfield

I am about 1/3 through lemoncake and so far do like it - it has a real sadness to it that is lovely in a way and it is a really interesting concept.

gina armfield

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