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May 24, 2010



This will not surprise you, but...I bought another one of her books in New York last week and determined to go back to Morning Pages, etc. Hmmm...coincidence? I think not.

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What a beautiful journal. The moleskin cover is way too cool. Have a great day!


Love your journal pages! So bright and colourful! :)


Loving the daily journal! I think I may be shopping for a moleskin this weekend. You know, I make daily lists, lists, lists, lists. This is so perfect because I can always go back and see what I have been doing, but in a more beautiful way, and see why I am so darn tired at the end of the week too! A great momento of our every day life that is so valuable and important. I often wonder what kind of things my amazing beautiful grandmother did all day during her time when she was raising her family. Would have loved a peek into her life with a journal like this. Have a beautiful memorial day weekend! It is finally air-conditioning weather out here in AZ!


That's a beautiful journal!!


Gina...I finally write you...I lost your mail...Bad me...
I love your work, I love that you will be teaching at Journfest with me and I love that you live close to me and that may be I'll meet you soon..and I love these moleskin pages....all so spirited!!

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