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April 05, 2010



French doors make me swoon.....looks so inviting. Your studio must feel like a little artist cottage now!


Lisa MB

I think our back yard is *just* big enough for a studio building. Hmmm, this gets me thinking...

Had a great time on Thursday at Artfest. I was astonished that I created something that says more than "class exercise completed." Right after I got home, I used some of what I learned to make this year's anniversary present to my husband (the blog post will be up in about an hour). Thanks again so much for your encouragement.



Oooooh! Pretty & clean!!!!


Looks like the Easter bunny was hiding out there as well...:-)


it looks great! i want to come over and play!

gina armfield

it does have a cottage feel - can't wait to get back in there!

gina armfield

Lisa I am so glad that you liked the class and got so much from it! Great work!

gina armfield

Come on over!

Ginny Ballou

Wow, no matter where you are or where you go, the art is with you. Love this space and all your great storage containers. It was SO great to see you. Really, East Coast in your future and the not too distant future, at that!
P.S. I have the painting hanging in my entry hall - as Jen decides where she might put it.. xo

Katie Nicoll

I love French doors! When we had our house renovated, I chose a French door for my working room and it was as beautiful as expected! It created a spacious effect and it really brightened up my room.

Ronald Miller

What I love most about French doors is their glass paneling! It also provides an “open feel” to the entire house, which means your home will look more spacious and airy. It’s a good choice for your studio!

Maricela Milum

With that French door, your studio is now visible from the outside. Haha! I think it’s time to get organized! Anyway, in doing so, you’ll have more space and you’ll be able to work more comfortably.

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