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February 05, 2010



That was fun! You are so organized now; I love it. You know what's funny? That orange taboret I gave you originally came from Kelly Kilmer. See how we artists "pass it on"? LOL


Thanks for the peek into your studio. I love seeing how others set up and organize. I am a big fan of lazy susans in my studio as well!

gina armfield

I love peeking as well wink wink and am glad you liked mine


Hi Gina,

I do not find myself leaving comments often on many blogs, but I really want to today! I am loving your studio, what a wonderful space. Thanks for letting us take a peek. I have been a fan of yours for many years, had the pleasure of doing a round robin several years ago, which was such fun too with your group. I still love and remember the awesome journal you made on HGTV. You are an amazing artist. Thanks for sharing all of your artwork, studio space and goodies with all of us who love you.


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