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February 13, 2010



Happy soon-to-be birthday, my dearest friend! Can't wait to celebrate. You are a wonder and a gift to the world! Love you.

Kim Wright

Even though you don't know me, I am also 42, and have followed your blogs for 5-6 years, ordered from "Sweetwater Sisters", worked on a collaborative journal with you through your Yahoo Art Group and you are all these things! Happy 42 Gina!! Cherish it. I hope this post doesn't sound "stalker-ish!!!!"

gina armfield

Thank you Kim and no I don't think you are stalkerish - smirk - thanks for the kind and endearing comment.

Maija Lepore

And you are truly amazing!!!!!

Christine Kalina

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful lady. Happy almost birthday! I learned quite a lot in your statements of self. A great idea. So agree with you on the coke pepsi thing!

Joanie Hoffman

A Maryland girl!
Happy Birthday!
North Beach, MD.
p.s. the pictures are amazing.


Oh, wow, am I a tad late or what?? Love the self portrait - either you trust the great internet more than "real"people or you are not quite as mistrustful as you think??? No matter. I love you and your whole 42 years (just happens to be how many years I, too, have had a daughter. Sweet thoughts and see you none too soon!! Love, love, love G.

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