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November 21, 2009



Looking gooooooood!!!!

ginny carter smallenburg

It looks inspiring! And organized and very Gina-like.
Wish I could see it in person.
Wish I could go studio touring with you and dear Judi, too.


looks fabulous, gina! gosh it feels so good to have a nice-and-tidy studio, doesn't it?!! and no, i haven't introduced myself to the white horse yet with the sugar cubes...i keep forgetting to buy the sugar cubes but i will.


Ah, I salute you, friend as someone who has the gift of landing heads up!! Also sooo jealous you and Judi get to spend time having fun but oh, well. Love the flat baskets that fit into that cabinet - ready made? Found object?? Love to you & J. xo G

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