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October 12, 2009



Gina, I definitely think the day of on line classes is here. For myself personally, I do not have the talent or desire to do fine/formal art. Art and Soul was good but only because I really enjoyed the Lisa Kaus classes I took and a felting class which was also pretty special. The market for art retreats is getting diluted - which is good and bad. Good as in more opportunities and perhaps closer venues, bad for the lack of cache and opportunity when those are few and far between. After 10 years "alternative" art has come into it's own, it seems and yet so few really "get it". Go for it girl! You're smart to test the audience and although I am totally in your camp personally, unfortunately I am not creatively or talent wise. But I hope you break though as you definitely have the talent and personality to do well. Love, Ginny


I am an ardent online class participant. I loved your 'Animal Spirit Guides' class. It is different from a lot of things out there. I hope you give it a go. I would be interested in taking it. Good luck.

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