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January 18, 2009


kim mailhot

Wow ! Sounds wonderful Gina ! I only wish I was on your side of the country so I could participate ! I wish you much success with the new endeavor ! It really does sound like a fantastic combination of media !
Happy Creating on this Sunday !

Kim Calloway

Gina ... Your class sounds wonderful. I will hopefully be able to attend. I checked out the website, but was unable to sign up for the class. Perhaps it's a little too early.

I'm looking forward to it! :)



Wooohooo!!! Sounds like a wonderful class!!! Wish I lived on the west coast! xoxoxoxoxo


Okay, kid, you're hitting the "big time" -- sounds like a great class and let me know when you're coming east or I'm coming west, eh?? Really sounds good (if only I'd know how talented and ambitious you are, maybe I never wodda ridden to PT with you ( kidding, kidding) but you are an impressive young woman who is just coming into your own. Big Fan East Coast. xoxox gb

Maija Lepore

Zinna is a wonderul store! What a great venue you'll be teaching at!!

Pam Kirshenbaum

I would love to take this class....if only I was on your side of the world. Congrats!

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