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January 01, 2009



Beautiful! Love the turquoise gate.


oooooh, beautiful!!!! xo

kim mailhot

Love the gateway too. And that journal is gorgeous. What a great start to a fun challenge for January ! I may just join in on the 5th when the hubby goes back to work. For now, taking advantage of our time together is the priority. Enjoy the flow...

Judy Merrill-Smith

I followed your link from Katie Kendrick's blog -- wow, this is spectacular! I'm a total color junkie, and I think I just got my fix for the day. ;-)

Deirdra Doan

wow that is so neat!


I just want to open the gate and come on in - speaking of which I DEFINITELY plan on a western sojourn in 2009. Be prepared!!! XOXOXO ginny


i really thought this was great.
beautiful colors..
xoxo nita


beautiful gina - it is a magical place, full of color and energy.
i tried to leave you a comment a couple times but my computer wouldn't let me, troublesome thing. when it finally gives up the ghost we're getting a mac.


lovely. Like the way the light seems to shine, no...glow, on the gate.


This rocks - love the gate and the trees and the color!

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