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November 26, 2008


kim mailhot

Loving your new Blue Period, Gina ! And that is a gorgeous tribute to your wonderful friends.

May you all find moments of pure joyous gratitude as you celebrate the holiday !
Cheers !

Joyce Resnik

Great Friend/"Sister" choices, Gina. Beautiful women all. Much to be thankful for. Enjoy your holiday. Love to you and yours.


Wow. I'm honored to be in such company! You know what they say, Gina. To have a friend, be a are the best!


Gina, I am honored to have made the "list" and in such illustrous company!
You are very dear to me, sweetie. A 2009 get-together must be in the cards, eh? I really find your blog VERY inspirational - you are a very worthy young woman.

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