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October 13, 2008



i see you, i see you as very grounded, kindhearted, caring, lovable, honest, and real... just to name a few.

i have been thinking about starting a self portrait painting blog of some kind, kind of like self portrait challenge, but with art supplies instead of photos... i love exploring the self portrait and think it would be a great place for others to do the same.... what do you think?

have a lovely time in Spokane!

red tin heart

you seem kind and soft hearted.. the look in your eyes right now hints of just a touch of being unsure..of what i don't know.
your individual style is very important to you and it shows.
xoxo nita

kim mailhot

Hi Gina,

First off, I think you are brave to ask others, many of us strangers, to tell you what we see when we look at you - so let's start with bravery !;-)

I see kindness, gentleness, intelligence, strength, curiousity, depth, some sadness and longing, and a sense of "woman-ness" or awareness of the female power within in you.

As I write this I am curious about how you will feel when you read these comments and what impact, if any, they will have on you and the work you are doing right now. I hope you will let us know...
Hope you are enjoying your trip, Brave One.


What a brave thing to do, Gina.

I see someone who's grounded. Someone deep, warm, thoughtful, kind hearted. Someone that puts their whole heart and soul into something. A woman that is in searching for something "bigger." Something wonderful.



Wow, this is very brave of you! I see a mixed bag - a seeker, searcher, artistic wanna be, generous, vulunerable, seeking your true place, a mother for sure, a friend, a climber for higher surer ground. A talented woman is continues to grow. You're asking the hard questions - what you do with the answers is infintely more revealing.

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