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September 09, 2008



Huge Kudos Gina for speaking your thoughts...


I'm old enough to have been a subscriber to the very first issue of Ms. Magazine and I think the world of Gloria Steinem. She states my feelings exactly. Bravo for passing it on...




Good job, kid! Hugs GB

Dilys Garcia

You go girl! I celebrate Sarah Palin's right to choose and live in the hope that people will come to their senses around the quality of leadership needed by our country and the planet we inhabit. We all need to speak up, take action, and vote our conscience. Thanks for your clear voice. Love, Dilys

Joyce Resnik

I echo your feelings. For the first time since voting for John F. Kennedy in 1960, I am enthused about a candidate: Obama. I live in an extremely right wing, ubber liberal agricultural community, where everyone thinks Sarah is the best thing to happen to America since slavery!!! I refuse to remain mute this time. I have become unpopular one person at a time! Oh well.. Thanks for sharing todays blog. Bravery in a time of turmoil speaks volumes. I respect you even more, now that you've become vocal about a topic that requires that we become vocal. Thanks for being a kindred spirit, a FRIEND.

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