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August 04, 2008


kim mailhot

Hi Gina !

Love your glass cozies ! So cute ! Funny how necessity is so the mother of invention, isn't it ??

A bedtime ritual... Listening to a book on my mp3 player... usually a Harry Potter book read by Jim Dale - he is amazing and I love whole series! I have little speakers by my bed and I have a sleep timer on my mp3 player. I set it for 30 minutes but I usually fall asleep pretty quickly, sweetly listening to my very own bedtime story...
Happy Monday !

Carol Weiler

Always head to bed with a tall glass of icewater and even my stone coaster cannot contain all the sweat! What a clever idea you have! Then a few pages of a delightful book, a long gaze at a tree outside my window makes for an enjoyable way to fall asleep-I never listen to the evening news-too anxiety producing.


I LOVE the iced tea cozy-great idea!!!

My evening ritual-my son and I snuggle and read/talk/watch reruns of "Get Smart". I'll put him to bed.
Then it's hubby and my turn to snuggle and read books in bed. I always try to end my day with reading as it relaxes me and is one of my favorite activities.

My day time rituals involve lots and lots of sips of iced tea! ;)

Maija Lepore

Big old glass of ice water! And there is always a wet ring in the am. Ice water cozy would be perfect!

Kari Follett

Those are so darn cute!! I wish I was crafty that way to make such adorable things :)

I listen to my ipod touch at night, check my email and just veg out sometimes read a book or have a glass of wine.

Stephanie Wright

I love the iced tea cozy! When I saw it on your blog post before I thought, gul durn, I wish I could crochet or knit! I would love one and give it a great home every night wrapped around my bedtime icy cold, chocolate milk! yummo
After the kiddos are in bed I pour myself a tall one and settle in for some reading, just finished Breaking Dawn and on to Son of a Witch.

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