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August 30, 2008


Catherine Witherell

Gina, I did it! Here is the link:

And I see that you like red whoa! Like I didn't already know that. You are spiritual, creative, you are sweet, love pretty things and they don't have to be new. Can I come over next time I am down there?


kim mailhot

"Gina, the collector of spirit."


you love colors and things even if you would like to stay Zen speaking about decoration

your favorite colour is blue

you are a tea person who chooses a strawberry ice cream if somebody proposes it you instead of a chocolate one

to be organised is a big deal for you...but somehow you do it! :)

yo need to know "how to" do things, no matter what subject

you don't have sisters

you would like to have a pool at home

a lot of things at your place haven't been choosen by you...are gifts

you don't actually cook

deo you kile horses...?

it was fun! like your room!


i'm the one that wrote the upper comment...don't know why my name do not link to my blog....


I am in love with:

your bed
your dining chairs
your copper tea kettle
your tea kettle handle cozy



I played along, too. Thanks for asking me. It was fun to do.
Love your photos.

red tin heart

You are very passionate about all you do, Knowledgable, you like things that are not ordinary, your time is very important to you. xoxo nita


thanks for the glimpse into your life, much beauty & color surrounds you. i imagine even much more so in person! xo

Maija Lepore

Thanks for the glimpse inside your happy home!

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