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May 07, 2008


ginny ballou

Hey Girl! Me, I'm liking Trixie - 49 mpg that's quite a trick these days!! Also very much like the paintings - very expressive.
Been busy with the digging and all but think of you all often
xo ginny


Love the new car! Love the color! Love the savings! May you still love it this much 10 years from now!

Shelley Kommers


i'm getting Lulu or Lucie... cute, spunky and stylish.


Erwin Calverley

Well, I watched Speed Racer and Wacky Races. I can see that you're really having a hard time choosing the right name for your car. Personally, I think Trixie is the better choice, but you can still overrule the veto if you really want Penelope.

Sebastian Gaydos

Trixie sounds cute! Hmmm… Penelope is also a nice name, but I think it sounds too feminine and mature. :) Trixie, on the other hand, sounds a bit quirky and fun. And since it’s your mama’s new car, it would suit her well. After all, moms are fond of taking care of babies and children. Hehe. ;)

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