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April 27, 2008


liz elayne

i am so glad you found your way to sharing these...

bravo to courage!

i love the dripping colors. and the eyes in the second is as though there are other worlds inside those eyes -fantastic.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful paintings! It does take courage to expose these little pieces of our inner selves and yet it is the artist's job to put the beauty out there for the seer to behold. You have done it!
Whenever I have visited your blog and seen pictures of you, I have thought,"God, she is gorgeous ! Look at her eyes !" Interesting and wonderul that your work focuses on those "windows to the soul".
May your courage be rewarded in many wonderful ways !
Take care,

Shelley Kommers

these paintings are gutsy and full of spirit and passion.. it's great to see you go BIG! keep it up, i'd love to see a whole show of these.

Sue Pieper

Just found your blog through Maija's, boy have I been missing out, this is a wonderful place! Having just finished & posted my first paintings, I understand what you're saying about showing them, it's a scary thing to do. But you needn't have worried, they're beautiful!!!!


Gina, the paintings look awesome on your blog! Thank you for sharing these amazing pieces. I feel privileged to have seen them up close and full size! Kudos for courage. Love, Dilys

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