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April 15, 2008



Howdy Gina, Fellow LK Crow "Mother"....

Just had to say that I remember well feeling as you do about turning 40. But you are more precocious than took me to 50 to figure out it was time for me to figure out my own style. And comfort over fashion has definitely won for me. I wear what I like. I will NEVER wear high heels again as they make my back ache like crazy. I like black. I wear a lot of it because I like it. I also like some ethnic and some "arty" and some silly stuff, and now I wear that, too, depending on my mood. The biggest surprise of all? No one cares! My best friends will comment that I must be in a (fill in the blank) mood because of my shoe choice for that day, but really, no one cares. And I feel much freer, more "me," somehow.

Stepping down from the soap box now....Sheesh, where did all that come from?



If you put glitter on those Klogs, your feet would look just like Dorothy' your heels...


I felt that way at 40 and it's even better at 50...I love that I no longer "care" so much how I look to others...I colour my hair the way I want to make me feel good. I choose my clothing for comfort but also to express who I am...I'm a canvas and depending on the day, my mood, that is how I create it. There's a wonderful freedom in being able to just Live. I also love your red clogs..I have a thing for red shoes!!!

ruth rae

Turning 40 really does bring on the issue of being more comfortable in both our own skin as well as the need for more sensible shoes! I love your clogs!
Here is the link to that shop that was on my blog... make sure you go to the back of the place that is where they have the cast offs (AKA the artist bins!)

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