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March 15, 2008



have fun! i have heard the love show is fantastic.

and please add me to the list for the giveaway. :)

Maija Lepore

I'd love to enter your giveaway, and have a great time with Miss Divine!

Junk Gypsies carries a t shirt with that phrase on it!

sherry Harris

Have a great time in Vegas!!! It is always so much fun. Please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks

sherry Harris

Have a great time in Vegas!!! It is always so much fun. Please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks

Cindy Ericsson

How fun for your birthday celebration to last! Enjoy every bit of it!

Michele (Green Chair Studio)

Gina - hope you have a wonderful time on your special trip. Sorry to read of your family's recent sadness. Amidst the pain, there is always beauty and joy to find as well - hoping that you are finding it in abundance! Blessings to you! (And yes, I'd love to be entered in the drawing for that lovely book as well!)


I hope you have an amazing trip! Enjoy Ms. Bette!

kelly snelling

i was just about to order this book. i would be so dang delighted if i were to win it. have fun in Vegas with the divine miss M!!


Check out Northern Sun for more bumper stickers, buttons, and great tshirts- feminist, environmental, religious, and political. My 10 year old daughter has a button from them that says "girls kick butt"- not exactly classy but a strong girl will hopefully grow into a strong woman. And I would love the give away book.


Girl, You lead a GOOD LIFE!! Can't wait to hear about the Vegas adventure!


Enjoy your special getaway....I can relate to your sadness - unfortunately life can be that way sometimes. The good news is..there is always hope! Create, love, pray and dance!



Thank you sooo much for the lovely give away! Have fun at LOVE-I am a huuuuge Beatles fan!

donna joy

Hope you enjoy your trip~and please enter me in the drawing!


Hope your mom has an awesome birthday, with you as a daughter sounds like she will. Love your blog as always girl. Creatively,
Tammie Moore


Hope you have enjoyed the Divine Miss M!! Please add me to the giveaway list, the book looks fanatastic!


Wow, your vegas trip sounds wonderful! Have a great time.

Paula Bogdan

Have an absolutely great time!


love reading the blog. Would love to have the book!

Sandy M

Hope you had a great trip. I enjoyed looking around your blog. Especially loved the shoes. I would enjoy the book. Thanks. Also, I am enjoying Mary J. Blige's Breakthrough CD


Hi there, I just love your blog! I hope you pick me!

Jamie V

This looks like a wonderful book! Count me in! Jamie V in MT

red tin heart

i love that quote! the book looks wonderful. xoxo nita

red tin heart

by the way, i love bette midler. the rose has always been my favorite song she sings.
xoxo nita

Mia Howard

PICK ME!!! Love your blog!


Hope you had fun!
Hope I'm not too late!
Hope I win!
Hope you can add me!
Hope I stop this hope-thing going on before I make a fool of myself!

Everyday Cookies

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