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March 11, 2008



I am so sorry for your losses. But be assured you made the right decision about the pup--he seems too aggreesive to be in a family setting. When you are ready another opportunity will present itself.

Wishing you healing both physically and emotionally.

sherry Harris

Gina I am so sorry this happened but you did make the only decision you could. It s better to prevent things getting worse. I know you re sad but things will get better and maybe you can find a new puppy who is all love and playfulness!


sweet gina. i know it is an awful thing - believe me, i know what it's like to be bitten in the face by a dog (my good friend's 12 year old companion, last summer, and they had to put him to sleep. believe me, i know). so, as harsh as this sounds, it is better that it happened as soon as it did, than later with you or one of your children or someone else's child. are you ok?! did it break the skin?
i, too, have had an awfully blue stretch here that doesn't seem to be letting up.
advice? go sit outside in the sun, make art, look ahead to artfest, think of good things. it all sounds like %)*%#) but it is true. hang in there, sister of the blues. i love you. x

jessi nagy

ooh i feel so bad for you!
you did make the right choice.
it does'nt make it any easier.

we had a kitten, that turned physco, bit my son when he was about 7, drew blood. we had to give her up. it was sad. but safe.

the sadness will pass, keep your chin up, there are 100's of great dogs out there.


im your swap buddy in the "queens tea swap". i sent you an e mail, wondered if you had received it?
just had a few questions for ya.

when your up to it, e mail me.


You did the right thing, sweetie. really you did.

I was bitten in the face by a neighbors dog as a child, and it caused me to be afraid of dogs. (My folks saved the day by getting a Great Dane, who honored us with her presence for many many happy years.)


Gina sorry to hear about the puppy. I had the same thing happen to me only the dog was a year old when I had to have her put down. She would just go completely psychotic and pounce, biting, even ripped my Dad's pants. I still have a scar from where she bit me. And even after all that I felt AWFUL about putting her down. All these years later I know I did the right thing because I couldn't have bared if she hurt someone really badly. Take care, you did the right thing.


So sorry to hear about your new puppy. Hard but good decision. Not worth the risk. Another precious perfect puppy will find his/her way to you.....

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