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February 16, 2008



Happy Birthday inspiring you are and I love how honest and open you is fun to learn about you across the miles...have a blessed day and hope that knee is getting better by the second! Much love!

Paula Bogdan

Happy belated birthday! I loved my fortiey, and am loving my fifties. The best is yet to be!

nita  from red tin heart

You are beatiful even without your make up. Happy belated Birthday. I hope your day was filled with beauty. love nita


WELL SAID, CUTIE!! You are a great friend - to that I can attest!! xxx G.


Happy Birthday Gina!!

ruth rae


your words on your post really hit 40 on the head! I will be 42 next month and I must tell that my 40's so far have been a blast because at long last I happy just to be me!

Do you have a list of your birthday CD that you could share? (I would love to see your mix!)

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