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February 12, 2008



you are so blessed to be surrounded by such IMMEDIATE love and support and beauty - i envy you for that, as most of my friends live far, far away (like you) know i was there in spirit and love! i'll be thinking of you today as that knee begins its journey to recovery. xo

Julie Prichard

This is so amazing and meaningful! What an awesome group of woman to call your friends! I've never read anything so fantastic!

Good luck today!


Happy Birthday! This is one of my favorite poems...good luck with the surgery.

Sherry Harris

Dear Gina What a great day and what a meaningful and loving time.
I will say a prayer for you for your surgery and your uneventful recovery. Hang in there, soon that ole knee will be functioning fine again. Love to you my friend! Sherry

ruth rae

WOW! what a amazing celebration!
and your post about it made me feel as if I were there!

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