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January 21, 2008



Ah, now I know where you were when I called - SPRUNG!!! Glad to hear you're driving AND that the knee is healing AND that the surgery is less scary than you thought. ALL GOOD. Hope you got my package. I found the tracker and it said it had been delivered on the 12th Jan. Glad to hear things are better!!!


P.S. Check out the Art Unravelled site - workshops are up. xx00 G.

Nancy Gene Armstrong

Great news.Glad you can drive around,more freedom.You had me wondering when the art slowed down.Do be careful. Those burns must hurt. Won't be long before you are riding your horse and the memories of all this is behind you.

Maija Lepore

I'm so glad things are looking up for you! I can only imagine they joy you feel for being sprung from the confines of your house!
Be careful!


Great, great news, Gina! Awful to hear about your burns, though. Best wishes on a speedy recovery!


So glad to hear things are getting better and you can drive! Yes! I broke a bone in my foot twice! in a six month period so I can feel for you with the feeling trapped. I had a slipper the first time and then the second time a walking boot but was told by the podiatrist that if I did not listen and take it easy this time he'd put me in a cast. Take care and I'm glad you are on the mend!


Great news indeed about the bendable brace, and surgery. Sorry to hear about Ebony and your burns though, hopefully both will start to heal and both of you will be back to your normal selves!

Sherry Harris

Gina so glad you can drive....I hate not being able to drive even for one day. I get cabin fever really quick. So sorry about the be careful. Be patient with your knee it does take awhile to recuperate. My sister just had knee surgery and she is doing well just don t be in too much of a hurry. I love the art work and isn t it wonderful to have that to take your mind off things. Stay up and soon this will all be just a memory. Sherry



Cindy Ericsson

You really did need some good news! You've had a rough few weeks. I'm sending prayers for your surgery and PT afterwards.


I hope your burn is okay! I was pulling hot spaghetti sauce out of the microwave, the cover caught the microwave, and the whole thing tipped over and hot sauce poored across the top of my hand, the most unbelievable 2nd degree burn! Sauce and glass hit the tile floor, the mess was as bad as the burn! I now, for obvious reasons, only warm up any sauces on the stove in a pan...EEK! When the glass measuring cup I was using hit the stove it even dented the top of my beautiful stove! One other time I spilled boiling pasta water across my foot with similar results! Cooking disasters can be very painful! Maybe I should quit cooking......The jury is still out. Make sure you have your burn looked at. I hope it is doing better. Glad your knee is on the mend, and you have surgery scheduled right before Valentines Day. Take care of yourself.

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