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December 29, 2007



So many things to love about Christmas every year, whether it is remembering Christmas past by baking my grandmother's recipes, or being present in Christmas along with the traditions that we carry forward or the uniqueness of each individual celebration, it is a magical time of year when regardless of faith or tradition, somehow the whole earth seems blanketed in the arms of love.

After scrolling through a few past posts, I offer my wishes that you are feeling better now, and also offer to you the best of everything for the new year.

You have a lovely blog home, and your artwork is very beautiful. I look forward to visiting again.

p.s. I love those eggnog lattes too!

Sherry Harris

I love everything about christmas! I love shopping for and giving presents, making our family favorite cookies with my sister, using homemade and "country" decorations. I love my daughter and son in law being here with me for christmas...they live in chicago so they love coming to Florida and escaping the cold weather. I always have family for christmas eve and this year it was 25 people and I live in a condo! We eat, talk and play games then open gifts. It s something I look forward to all year. Gina I love that you share your life with us and your art with us. Being able to be part of your group has meant so much to me and I hope this year to do more creative projects. Merry Christmas to you and yours and may your year be filled with happiness, art and all the things you love!!!!!!! Sherry

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