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December 12, 2007


Sherry Harris

This was the most fun swap. I m sorry I missed out on the jewelry it looks so pretty! I m loving the goodies and they are all around my house. Love them! Merry Christmas everyone! Sherry


Thanks Gina! The link to my blog is or click my name here.

Cindy In Carolina

I'm sorry I had to back of the swap at the last minute. All the goodies look yummie.

Cindy Ericsson

I've been having that yearly struggle of The List vs. The Bliss -- you know, where the impossible amount of things to be done tries to steal your joy? One thing that helped was taking out my ornaments from two small swaps I was in last year and just marveling again at the love and care that went into these tiny bits of art. Another thing that helps me to refocus is a little countdown-to-Christmas type book that I have, with 2-page stories, quotes and Bible verses. And today reading Nina Bagley's lovely post, I was reminded of the importance of being fully in the moment and enjoying the impermanent beauty that is all around us. Thank you for all you share here on your blog. Merry Christmas!

Annette Rousso

Wow! Wonderful treasures to brighten the day...wish I would have joined the swap, maybe next year! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me with your creativity. Happy Holidays!


I'm glad it turned out well. Did you ever get my package??


I am so sorry! I didn't look close enough...

My blog is


What wonderful handmade stuff. Love seeing all the projects. Looks like it was a great swap.


You are giving this away? They all look awesome! Count me in please. They would be a joy to receive.



I love all the beautiful treasures. What talented people! Happy Holidays!

Donna Cartagena

hi Gina! My blog info is:

thanks for another wonderful swap-I loved everything--your book is awesome!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!


everything looks so cute & festive. Happy Holidays!

Brenda Bliss

If you send the goodies to me--I'll make sure Santa gets them when he stops by my house! Ho Ho Ho!!
Holiday Hugs,
Brenda Bliss

valarie whicker

Wow, what a fun swap so many beautiful things! Please put my name in...thanks : )

valarie whicker

Oops, that last comment was me...Valarie Whicker

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