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December 08, 2007



This SOOO reminds me of taking my Jen to tea at the Ritz in Boston - it's a wonderful tradition (and her birthday is in Dec. so we always got holiday cheer and birthdays wishes!) Looks like you are having a very fun holiday season, girl!!


What a great experience - and good training, too! I'm sure it will be a fond tradition and memory.

Catherine Witherell

You know how to live! It is one party after another. I loved the part where he said he was so happy. What a special relationship, and a nice new tradition to share. Happy Holiday Season Gina!


Oh, 'gina, without question, you are starting a fantastic tradition on many levels. Hooray to you for doing it. Hooray to Grayson for "getting it." He is absolutely adorable! Enjoy the holiday season completely. Look forward to a "Play Day" with you early in 2008. Thanks for sharing your life--your lifestyle--with us. Love to you and yours.

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