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October 16, 2007



Oh gosh, whatever else you do in a day to make it count, cherish your pets; they are worth all the love we can give them. They are truly gifts to us.


Pets are such sweet little babies that can add such a sigh of relaxation to any day. I love my daughter to pieces, but I always find the time to cherish my kitties. Give all of your babies a big squeeze for me.


I love the idea of this wooden calendar! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in yelling at the cat (or kids?!) that we forget how blessed we are to even be able to yell. :-) Thank you for reminding me today...hope all is well w/your family, sending love...Ang.


Every night before we go to sleep, my husband asks me "did we make today count". Since we didn't get married until we were 60, we want to be sure we make them count. Love the idea of the calendar and I, too, love and miss oh so much, the wonderful Paper Post. Say hello to Sue Nan and Eileen for me please.

andra hepler

a lovely post...did you get my e for the Halloween post ok? smiles, andra

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