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August 21, 2007


Tina in Seattle

The healing journey led me to artistic expression and artistic expression helps me continue the journey. It provides me a way to continue to express my grief, growth and even joy from a loss so profound I still can't fathom how I survived it. I am so grateful for the art teacher who helped me find my way.


I read once that there are only seven stories. We are all so connected, but the worst thing about pain - the self absorbed kind, is that you feel like you are in the outside looking in, so different from everyone else. Too blinded to see that you are surrounded by people just like you and if we would just reach out in love and honesty we could hold each other up when times get tough.

Art has helped me to claim my story, to stop being ashamed of my story - and to write a new one. It has helped me to realize that in sharing the truth about my story I connect with others who are where I was - we are NEVER alone. We only think we are.

Each creation is a reaching out in courage, a tattoo on reality of who I am and how I see and what I think. An unveling if what was and a portrait of what is yet to be.

Art is powerful. Art is strong. Art is the ultimate act of courage Art is, as I once so aptly wrote in my journal, liquid plummer for my stopped up soul!

Cindy In Carolina aka Shoo Shoo Fontaine

If I didn't have my artsy stuff to look forward to in the evening, I don't think I could keep sitting behind a desk from 8 - 5 every day.

Cindy Ericsson

Art allows me to say "this is who I am" and not couch it in polite words or pretty phrases, because sometimes I'm not polite or pretty. It allows me to say "this I believe" and send it out into the world without apology. Art allows me a chance to participate in the beauty and joy and pain of the world in which I live and sometimes, even, to make sense of it.


last year i allowed my artist's spirit to express herself for the first time... 3 months ago i suffered a stroke - at the age of 43!! - and my right side is now paralyzed... i'm just beginning to experiment painting with my left hand... i can still tear paper and glue it down with one hand... i can still read... i can type one handed - hence it's all lower case :o) i can still blog... i can feel the healing hand of grace each new day... i am still artfully alive...
thank you for your generous give-away, love claire


I have always had a little bit of an artful spirit. However, about two years ago I found out that we would be blessed with a child. A mere 7 weeks later, that child left us. I put away all of my art and scrapbooking supplies and vowed not to touch. You know, art was the only way I healed. I took up collage. It helped me move on. Realize that life can begin again.

At the same time, I lost my Mimie a little over a year ago from cancer. She nurtured my art, as well as her own, for as long as I can remember. I use art, painting, scrapbooking to stay close. It was our little bond, aside from those amazing shopping days we shared. :-)

Art heals. Art is an amazing way to express all emotions, tears of joy and those tears of sadness. Thank you for helping me remember that, Gina.


Several months ago I picked up a copy of Somerset Studio, Mar/April to be exact. I read an article by Pam Garrison about her desire to lead a more creative life. Around the same time I also saw Crafters Coast to Coast when you appeared on it Gina. I began exploring yours and Pam's blogs as well as other art blogs, etc., etc. Creating art, meeting wonderful people in the online arts community, and allowing myself to explore and find things I enjoy has helped me to work through difficult times when I get depressed. I have noticed that my down times do not last as long and I believe it is because God has lead me to work through those times by creating art. It's therapy for me and I thank God for this blessing.


Hi Gina
I know I'm late for the drawing(what a beautiful necklace!) but I wanted to let you know what my art had done for me the last year. You are a big part of it & I wanted to share it with you :) I'll admit it, I'm a blog stalker of yours (hee hee)
I saw you on an old episode of That's Clever on HGTV. I printed out your project and saw the link to your old website and blog. I was like "What's this blog thing..." After I found your current blog, I couldn't get enough. I've always been artistic, but it took my art to a whole new level. My husband was deployeed & I was suffering from postpartum depression. It was such a difficult point in my life and I found such healing in my jewelry making and collaging. Today, I have my own business with my jewelry & have started teaching art classes.
Thank you!! You have been such an inspiration to me.

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