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August 15, 2007



I am SERIOUSLY digging this collage!!! And congrats on the publication-it is well deserved for you and the girls (who have stories which need to be heard)! Let us know what they say about it...


Hi Gina, You are making quite a name for yourself, young lady!! Nice going - clearly the work is worthwhile and being recognized is only the sweeter for it.
Also glad to know your trip East was a soul settling tribute to your grandmom. I guess there is not much more any of us could wish for than to be surrounded by those who love us when it is our time to cross the rainbow bridge.
It's certainly been a very busy summer for you! Take care.

Denise R

I linked over from the Stampingtion article and have to tell you this has touched my heart. You are doing such a wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing their art.


Gina, I am so happy to see all of your thoughtfulness toward and for, those girls brought to light! You have sought out recognition in a most inspiring and spiritual way my friend!

Maija Lepore

I read it and I was so excited when I saw it!
I am so sorry about your nana. I hope she is feeling peaceful.

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