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July 19, 2007



Your pictures are beautiful! It's looks like a very relaxing place!!


What a wonderful vacation! I loved the story and pictures. You look like you have a wonderful family. Nita


I just read your whole blog, so I had to come back and tell you what a wonderful thing you are doing by helping the girls. I know that it only takes one person to make a difference in someones life. I love your art and I copied the quote by Louise Nevelson. I just started doing collage and ATC Cards, and I really love it. I have always loved Art though and the power that it has to transform lives. Nita


Thank you for sharing your trip, memories are so important!! Looks like such a lovely place.



honey, it is good to have you hoome again...but good to know you were able to be out in such beautiful surroundings, surrounded by the ones you love! i'm writing this from my mother's laptop, down in alabama - down here to celebrate daddy's birthday. it is HOT! and i'll look forward to getting back home to the mountains....sending love....xo


Oh, Gina! How beautiful your family is - that oldest boy is the spitting image of his mom - The whole family is just DARLING. So glad you had a relaxing time by the lake.



Looks absolutely idyllic - you're a lucky girl! Give me a shout(email) when things calm down so we can "chat" about Art and Soul.
It was great to have Judi here on East Coast - her sister would be a great addition to the Artfest house - hope she can convince her to come!! xxoo

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