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June 15, 2007


Kim Wright

Once I receive it I will glady give you feedback! Can't wait!!!


I loved it and am still pooring over it! A friend of mine was reading it and took a list of necessary materials!
I think that you could condense it to a smaller size, that way you still have the same number (or more) pages, while also having black and white and color pages. You wouldn't be losing too much, things would just be closer together (and/or smaller print).
I also have a request-I have yet to see a magazine or blog give tips for having a business (selling craft products, or selling their work).
Thanks for a great new zine!


Hi Gina
I'll be home soon. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I will most defintely give you some feedback. Thanks for the opportunity.

Maija Lepore

(Option #3) I think probably Half size, color pictures and B&W text. By making it smaller and condensing some of it, you will have a lot less white space. You should not be losing money on the zine.
I love it!

Sue Berry

Although I'm only on the 4th waiting list, I'd definitely prefer to have colour pictures but am not bothered about the size.



gina, i LOVED the first issue - loved the tips, resources, loved reading the interviews with julianna and patty, and the artful purpose of many others. the little extras are wonderful as well...i agree with everyone else, that you could save money by cutting the size in half, still use color imagery and black and white text, and reduce some of the white space (not that there was too much white space in this issue!). for those of you who have yet to see the issue, i'll save the surprises, but it is chock full of wonder and goodness, and i sat out on the deck in the early evening with a glass of wine and turned the pages job very, very, VERY well done, gina! can't wait for the next issue!!!!!!

patty van dorin

I received mine yesterday afternoon, thanks so much for all the time you put in this zine. By all means I hope you are able to put out antoher bit I understand that it is quite the project. I agree with the others if it would save money, a half sized book would be good.


Hi Gina!
I loved the mag and all the extras included. I like the ideas of making it smaller, with less white space, and having black & white text while keeping color photos(I think color photos are especially important in this type of zine). I don't know if the spiral binding is more or less expensive vs. stapling, but that is something that could be changed too if it would save you $$. I really liked the interviews.


i'd love it if it was a half size zine,and the only reason why i didnt buy it was because of the cost..i'd also love tiny sneak peeks of the zine and stapling is also way cheaper than spiral binding....


Gina: I LOVED the 'zine. Wonderful job. Loved the interviews, the info -- everything! Half-size in the future would be just fine. I love some color mixed w/ the black & white. Stapling is a good idea, too, if that will save money. I'm so there if you decide to do another (which I hope you do!) :)


Hi Gina, For me the zine was a mixed bag... LOVED the cover and the interviews and the page of prompts. Whereas I am a devotee of Teesha's, many of the materials and techniques were not new to me.
I think it could be 1/2 the size, I'd keep some color and perhaps seek out a new angle on the art journaling arena. Perhaps a guest artist talking about technique, maybe some chat about how people got started etc etc. Actually the piece you have on your blog right now about a travelling art kit was interesting.
I did think it was expensive - and I'm surprised you didn't at least break even.
It was a worthy first effort - I have no idea what is considered "successful" in the zine world or even if it matters.
It seems most zine publishers feel they have something to say and the zine is the vehicle.
If that's the case - you've got the vehicle - maybe just a little fine tuning... I certainly would aim for additional issues.

Will be seeing Judi next week - that will be fun. Hope you have a great back East vacation. Take care. Love, Ginny


Hi Gina
Got home and poured over my zine. Loved... the cover, the extras, supply list and ideas, journal cards, and all the pics of artwork. I'd like more techniques and wouldn't mind seeing other types of artwork (I know you and Nina do jewelry). I also like the idea of business tips.
I like the half size book idea. I kind of like lots of stuff crammed in there, like stimulation overload. I like the idea of color and b&w mixed.
Thank you for being so open to feedback and for a wonderful 1st issue.


Got mine and I am delighted.
I'd love to see more, lots more and if half size makes things easier then by all means,go half!

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