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June 12, 2007



Hey Gina,
Copic markers are cool. Just a heads up-they are used by illustrators and animators whose work is reproduced. They're not permanent markers and over time they will fade.
They are fun though!! I like the different tips :)

Maija Lepore

I love them, too! They write on almost anything!

Reva Solomon

Gina - just got my copy of your fabulous zine! Can't wait to devour it - thank you and congrats! hugs - Reva



My daughter uses these markers and loves them. She never thought of Ebay so we'll have to check them out. I bought her a set of 12 and she has been adding to her collection individually. She only has 32, so you have her beat. Copic also makes liner pens. I have the Copic Multiliner SP pens, they are pigment ink and waterproof. They come in silver barrels and you can get refills of ink and new nibs. I like the Pitt pens but you can't replace the nibs. The Copic ones range from .003 to .8 there are nine sizes. They are pricey, about the same as the markers, but I like them because of the replacement parts you can get. They make another version that is cheaper but it is in a plastic barrel and you can't replace anything. You might like them.


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