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May 21, 2007


Stephanie Coop

I would love to send some supplies.Pls email me the address to ship them to. My husband and I worked with youth for 10 years and it was very rewarding.


Hi Gina,
I can send a few things...please let me know where to send it. It is so great that you're doing this!


hey gina...i can send some stuff, would it be ok if i sent it with my purpose journal, or do you need it earlier?


please send me an address to send a package. i have tons of new unmounted stamps.

Gwen Delmore

I saw this on the ArtFest group, and I totally applaud what you are doing! I would be happy to send you paper and some rubber stamps. Would you be interested in number punches? I have a set of those, too.

Please send me a mailing address, and I will get a box off to you in a week.

I would love to do something like this again, I worked with incarcerated youth years ago.


Amy E

I have things to send if I can get the address.
Amy E


Gina, your request couldn't come at a better time...I'm getting ready to move and needed a nudge to whittle down. Can you use unmounted rubber, too? Please email your address.


sweet one - send me your address and i'll round up supplies. be careful for what you ask, lol....xxxx


What a fantastic purpose! I would love to donate some items. Let me know where to send the box. I can get the items to you within the next week.


My first time at your blog, and it so happens I have piles of stuff I can send. I was going to put them into a local store's garage sale but never got around to it. Please let me know where I can send a box of things. :)


tracie Huskamp

Hi Gina...

I would be HAPPY to donate some things for this cause.

Could your email me your addy and I will start gathering a box.

Thanks so much!


I can send a few things...please let me know where to send.

kelly rae

yes, yes, yes.
please send the address where to send and the deadline!

Ro Bruhn

I've just discovered your blog via Nina's. I'm sure I can find somethings, I've asked Nina to email me where to send things. I'm in Australia so I'll try to make sure it arrives before you start in June.


hi gina
i got this link through nina bagley's blog. i would love to donate ephemera and paper. let me know where to send it!



I have all kinds of supplies I can send - please email me the address to send them to. - Judy

Cindy Dean

I was just about to go through all my unused supplies and list them on ebay. I would much rather help kids in needs. Please send me an address to send a package to. I have thought of looking for something in my community for children and art. I will have to start looking as I think this is a great idea!

Cathy Wegner

I would love to send some things to your girls. Please send me your address.

claudine hellmuth

hi there! I have some stuff! please email to me the addy to send to and I will get it in the mail!

Mim Stella

Hi - can you post or email the address to send the supplies to? Glad to help

Elise B.

i have some items to donate...plase send me the address and i will pack them up this week!

Elise B.


Oh, definitely, I would love to send some things. Please send me the address to ship to. LindaSonia


Of course I can donate! Just send me the address and the deadline...


BTW, Gina: I just posted this on my blog with a link to you...hope that's OK...Also, do you need any acrylic paints and/or sketchbooks? I have some gently used acrylics and new sketchbooks I could send...let me know!

Pam Pickard

Please send me your address. I would love to send some great stuff for this.

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