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May 28, 2007


Mim Stella

Gina - I apologise, but I lost the address to send the art materials to, can you resend it to me at the email address above? i have a box of things ready to go out.
Thank you,


This sounds great-I'll send paypal payment right away for a copy. I'm excited about this!


Looks like a fabulous zine. Well done!

Catherine Witherell

I would like to be on your waiting list if you decide to print more. It is very exciting what you are doing with yourself!


Aaargh!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this and I missed it. Please please do another printing, please!

I need an address to send art supplies for your summer project.

Megan Pickwell

Gina, let me know if more Zines happen. I would love one.

Cynthia Flores

I want one! I can't wait to get it!!

Nancy Krampf

Please put me on your waiting list my pay pal finger is ready set to go!!!!

Cindy Swan-Eagan

I would love to get one, if you do another printing, let me know! This looks yummy!

Linda Allred

Please add me to the list for a 3rd printing, if you do one! Art Journaling is my thing, and I would love this!


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