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January 29, 2007



Coooool! Thank you so very much!

Helle Greer

Hiiiiiiiii Gina.
just got back home today from CHA, ot was a BLAST... Lot's of new goodies comming out, and all I want to do now is just CrEaTE, but I got home to two sick kids.
Anywho!!! Your finished book looks FAB. I need to finish mine.
I was so fun to meet you and Judy, and Congrats on Legasy!!!
You totally Rock my Art World, You cute little Hat girl you ;)
Hope to see you again soon.


I remember that piece in Legacy! Congrats on a fabulous piece...xoxo


I love the portrait you did. The heart is such a sweet touch. I really enjoy looking at your work.
You're the second person to recommend Kaleidoscope. I'll have to put it on my amazon list.


hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Let me know if you have any plans to do another RR! Your blog looks great and I'll definitely add you to my contacts list and read further...

btw, I have a small piece in the Kaleidoscope book. I think its page 119. It's kind of an old piece but still its nice to be in print again!

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